The Indian Electronic Lounge Wedding Cocktail Hour

For the 93rd installment in the wedding cocktail hour series, we’ve set our sites on the Far East and Mother India.  Our selected tracks capture the exotic and spiritual nature of nature of India, with instruments like the sitar and tabla featured in lush and rhythmic electronic presentations.  Representative artists include Thievery Corporation, Anoushka Shankar and Bahramji & Mashti.

For further exploration into this genre check out Tabla Beat Science, the Bombay Dub Orchestra, Karsh Kale, Niraj Chag, State of Bengal, Cheb i Sabbah and the Dhol Foundation.  Many of these artists have been remixed.  Other favorites of ours include the Buddha Bar series and Thievery Corporation’s “Versions” album comprised entirely of international remixes. Kingfisher_Beer_2

For a signature drink, we’ve selected India’s top beer, Kingfisher.  Introduced to India in 1978, this light and refreshing lager commands a 36% market share.

Immediately after the playlist, listen to the tracks on the accompanying Spotify playlist (not mixed) and on Mixcloud (mixed).

The Indian Electronic Lounge Cocktail Hour – Compiled by DJ Gregg Ambient

  1. Leftorium (Ambient Mix) – Anil Chawla and Dale Anderson
  2. Satya Shivam Sundaram – Thievery Corporation f/ Gunjan
  3. Aaja Piya – Devika & Holmes Ives
  4. Sea Dreamer – Anoushka Shankar w/ Sting
  5. Lovers – Bahramji & Mashti
  6. My Life – Bahramji & Mashti
  7. Tangerine Thumri (Orange Turban Mix) – Prem Joshua
  8. Punjabi Prelude (Tap Your Feet Mix) – Al-Pha-X
  9. Pickels – Excursion
  10. Shiva Stone – Asha Puthlia and Bill Laswell
  11. Ladies’ Fingers – Deep Six
  12. Jaia Ganesha – The Dum Dum Project
  13. Katarajama – Red Buddha

Listen on Spotify (Unmixed)

Listen on Mixcloud (Mixed)


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