The Noc Boots Wedding Cocktail Hour

For the 91th installment of the Ambient DJ wedding cocktail hour playlist series, Ambient DJs’ Luke Rizzo, aka “DJ Cloak Dagger” submits a playlist of material from his “Noc Boots” record label.  The Noc Boots sound features soulful original electronic compositions and bootlegs of R&B tracks (i.e., Sade) – typically in the 100 to 105 beats per minute tempo range.  Some of these tracks fall in the “Nu Disco” genre, while others might be classified as R&B, jazz or lounge music.  This playlist would be perfect for an upscale wedding reception in any global cosmopolitan center.

To learn more about DJ Cloak Dagger and the Noc Boots concept, read an interview with Luke Rizzo by clicking here.  The talented producers on the Noc Boots record label are located across the globe.  There are currently eight Noc Boots album releases, with future installments planned.

For a signature drink, we’ve selected a Whiskey & Club Soda – specifically the “Toki High Ball”   Toki is a delicious brand of whiskey producted by Japanese distiller Suntory.

Immediately after the playlist, listen to these tracks mixed in a continuous one hour set by the playlist’s curator.

The individual tracks are available for sale – at a very reasonable price – at or

The Noc Boots Wedding Cocktail Hour – Compiled by DJ Cloak Dagger

  1. El Amor Contigo – Edwick John (Noc Boots 007)
  2. Love U More – Touchsoul (NB 004)
  3. Erotic Mysteries – DJ Steef (NB 004)
  4. Don’t Want to Let You Go – Ash Reynolds (NB 001)
  5. Sundays – Bronx (NB 002)
  6. Jamaican Gyal – Brother in Arms (NB 003)
  7. Shouldn’t Leave You – Cloak Dagger (NB 006)
  8. Take Me There – Cloak Dagger f/ Basement Love (NB 002)
  9. No One Ever Stays – Cloak Dagger (NB 007)
  10. You Remind Me – Cloak Dagger (NB 006)
  11. Rise (Cloak Dagger Re Boot) – Maricopa (unreleased)
  12. Illusions – Hotmood (NB 008)
  13. El Rey – The Silver Rider (NB 008)
  14. Selva Tropical – Edwick John (NB 006)

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Luke Rizzo, aka “DJ Cloak Dagger”

About Ambient DJ Service

Ambient DJ Service is an award-winning mobile DJ entertainment company  specializing in weddings.   To book DJ Cloak Dagger or one of our other DJ mixologists for your wedding or other celebration, connect with us online at   Ambient DJ is available for destination weddings.

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