DJ of The Month – Martin Valcin, aka “DJ Marti Gras”

Periodically our company likes to acknowledge a DJ from our staff who is doing particularly great work.  To that end, our June 2016 “DJ of the Month” from the Ambient DJ Service roster is Martin Valcin, aka “DJ Marti Gras.”

We initially met Martin at the DJ Times International DJ Expo in Atlantic City.  Martin, like many upcoming DJs, was at the DJ Expo hungry for knowledge to elevate his craft.  Martin subsequently joined the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network (NJDJN) where we got to know him even better.  Thereafter, we invited him to perform under Ambient DJ Service, and he agreed!


“Mixing Gone Wild!”

About DJ Marti Gras

Born and raised in New York City, Martin discovered his passion for the DJ craft while attending Syracuse University. After receiving a BS Degree majoring in biology, Martin began performing at private parties under the stage name of “DJ Marti Gras” with a tagline of “Mixing Gone Wild.” His portfolio of work includes Sweet 16s, Communion Parties, Weddings, Block Parties and Fashion Shows. DJ Marti Gras is the ideal choice for those seeking a hot dance mix, drawing from his palette of current dance music, pop,hip hop/R&B, Caribbean vibes, disco and party classics.  Martin is Ambient DJ’s most educated music mixologist, with a Masters Degree in Public Health.

FullSizeRender (19)

A Happy Marti Gras Sweet 16 Client!


The feature that particularly stands out about DJ Marti Gras is his focus on excellence and self-improvement.  We’ve progressively stepped up the degree of difficulty of his DJ engagements, and Martin has met each challenge with great aplomb!

When asked to step up his game for interactive kids parties, Martin not only learned a series of games, but developed a curriculum of new games that he shared with the rest of our staff.   Martin has also made great strides as an Emcee.

Martin is an avid music curator and researches new musical themes in great depth.  This means that he is able to work with people of all ages and ethnicities, and always has the perfect track for your party!

Finally, Martin is extremely organized and his well-labeled DJ gear has multiple backup solutions in case any component should fail during a party.  Backup equipment is the hallmark of a professional DJ.

In Closing

Thank you Martin for your contributions, and we look forward to your continued excellent contributions!  To book Martin for your upcoming party, connect with us online at


Packing the Dance Floor with DJ Marti Gras!

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