We Wrote a Guest Blog for My Daughter’s Cakes!

Denise Smith is the owner/operator of wedding cake specialist My Daughter’s Cakes (www.mydaughterscakes.com) based in Dumont, NJ.  Denise parlayed her lifelong passion for baking into a full-time business after working in the legal field for many years.  We’re a big fan of Denise’s artistic, delicious wedding cakes featuring fresh ingredients – and by the way she runs her business with a heavy attention on customer service and customization.

Denise invited us to update our top song picks for a wedding cake cutting ceremony.   We did so, plus shared additional tips to ensure a memorable cake cutting ceremony.  You can read this story on the My Daughter’s Cakes blog at: http://www.mydaughterscakes.com/posts/top-song-ideas-for-a-wedding-cake-cutting-ceremony

Denise’s blog features other informative articles like “How to Budget for a Wedding Cake” and “Popular Wedding Cake Flavors” that can be viewed at http://www.mydaughterscakes.com/blog

Enjoy the My Daughters Cakes playlist while nibbling on a slice of wedding cake on our Spotify player below:

Connect with My Daughter’s Cakes at:

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