A Year of Writing and Music

Since 2013, I have been an avid blogger writing for the Ambient DJ Service blog.  More recently, I’ve been a columnist for Stacy Zemon’s ProMobileDJ.com website and the Digital DJ Blog.  Each August, I cover the seminars at the DJ Times International DJ Expo in Atlantic City and write a lengthy review of the seminars that is later published in DJ Times Magazine over multiple issues.

While I enjoy the written word, my favorite mode of artistic expression is music and recording dance mixes.  These projects take longer to create.

This blog lists some of my best articles and mixes of the year. The educational articles will be particularly helpful to a beginner or intermediate level DJ seeking to grow their business.

For 2016, if you have an article that you’d like to see me write or a mix concept that you’d like recorded, please reach out anytime by email to gregg@ambientdj.com


A) The Ambient DJ Blog (Highlights)

The Wedding Music Master Class 2015

New Jersey’s Top Wedding Venues (2015 Edition)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Karaoke

Wedding Trends, Statistics and Marketing Tips from The Knot

64 Themed Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlists

How to Recruit DJ Staff – An Ambient DJ Case Study

B) ProMobileDJ.com

What DJs Can Learn from Car Salespeople

Making a Continuing Education Commitment

10 Lessons that DJs can learn from Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue

7 Tips for a Successful DJ Website

How DJs Can Use The Profit First Financial Management System

How DJs Can Work Together to Share Venue Information

How to Sell Your DJ Business (to a new owner)

How to Book More Same Sex Weddings – An Interview with Jodi Duston

How Mobile DJs Can Use Spotify

Dress for Success

Should DJs Maintain a Full Time Office Space?

How to Create a DJ Business Forecast

How to DJ Kids Parties – a Primer

Growing a DJ Business with Advertising

C) DigitalDJ Blog

5 New Years Resolutions for DJs

5 Tips to Start a Successful Mobile DJ Service

The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Practices for DJs

The Wedding DJ Opportunity – Part 1 (How to DJ a Wedding)

The Wedding DJ Opportunity – Part 2 (How to DJ a Wedding)

D) Reviews of DJ Times DJ Expo Seminars

Reviews of the 2015 Educational Seminars


A) Soundcloud

B) Mixcloud


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