Top 20 Things Bad Mobile DJs Do

Name_Something_HarveyFamily Feud is an American television classic.   If Richard Dawson or Steve Harvey was to ask a contestant, “Name Something Bad Mobile DJs Do” – how would they answer?  For fun, we posted a Family Feud graphic with that very question.  Listed below are twenty of the best answers.

Survey says!

Name Something that Bad Mobile DJs Do

  1. Blast music during dinner.
  2. Play the chicken dance.
  3. Hit on bridesmaids during the bouquet toss.
  4. Show up late.
  5. Not show up at all.
  6. Be the first person at the buffet line as soon as it opens.
  7. Sing over the top of songs.
  8. Overuse stock phrases like “Ladies and Gentlemen”  “At This Time” and “Put Your Hands Together”
  9. Constantly use their cellphone during a party.
  10. Kill the industry by undercharging and undercutting the prices of other professional DJs.
  11. Forget to bring batteries for the wireless microphone.
  12. Refuse to evolve with the times with regards to music and equipment.
  13. Sport big egos and bad attitudes.
  14. Comb hair between songs.
  15. Get drunk at parties and “hit on chicks”
  16. Poor Emcee work – talk too much, plug their business, crack corny jokes.
  17. Shut down the photo booth operator to help fill an empty dance floor.
  18. Forget about the bride and groom’s music playlist.
  19. Double book parties.
  20. Dress like slobs.

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